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Additional ‘Stickers’ For Facebook Messenger

Emoji’s don’t cut the line nowadays, with Eavatare you can be sure that you will never run out of emojis.

Kind Of Stickers


We have a group of emojis which will work well with all you imaginations and get you friends involved for double fun.


We have a wide variety of characters form your favourite comics which can work well with you and your friends.


Want to name your friend or family which stays with you, with our badge stickers to make sure of that fact.


We have animal sticker emojis which just instantly boost you chatting game.

How Can You Make Bitmoji Your Own?

All you have to do is to sign up and start to describe yourself while we create you Bitmoji for you.

The Iconic Artist Avatar

You can be sure that you get the right celebrity emoji which will make every one just burst about in laughter.

‘Mini’ Stickers For Gboard

You can also get mini stockers for you Gboard which can help get things done much more easily.

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Countertop Water Filters

The Best Countertop Water Filters

Every single company claims that they have the best systems and that they have the best countertop filters in the entire market. They say that as a marketing technique and they just want to sell products and saying that something is the best will attract more people. You, as a customer will certainly want the best for the price that you are paying. You would even be overwhelmed by the big selection that you would find on sites like this site because https://kitchenfaucets.reviews/best-water-filter ,you would find even the mixed reviews that you would see online about the products that you may probably be interested in buying. You should visit this guide if you would certainly be left wondering what the criteria would be for selecting a great product. Sites like kitchenfaucets.reviews would help you.

I have gathered up a couple of outstanding options for that you can consider. Any of these options will indeed be of great service to you. You can think of this list that has options from the best of the best products. I know that we are talking about countertop water filters, but when we are buying something that we are going to use for a long time, we might as well buy the best one.

Water Filters

Here is a list of some of them.

  • pH regenerate would indeed be the best choice for you. It has a multistage filter with alkalization as well. It just costs around $50 to maintain in one year and that in my opinion is actually really reasonable because clean water is actually one of the most important things that you should be concerned about. It has been rated 4.3 out of a possible 5 because nothing can be absolutely perfect. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • APEC RO-CTOP deserves a spot on the list of the best of the best because it certainly provides perfectly purified water. It has been perfectly equipped with reverse osmosis technology, and it has been known to cost around $50-$70 to maintain. You should know that it is also a little pricier than the previous one, but it will serve you well. It has been given a rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5.
  • Big Berkey Filter has been famous for removing 99% of all of the contaminants and germs, which even includes pathogens and bacteria as well. It costs $80-$100 a year to maintain, and it also has a really good rating when compared to the others.
  • New Wave Enviro Filter has state of the art, patented 10 stage filtration system. It is also famous for costing less than $50 a year to maintain, and it has also been given a nice rating. If you are looking for a low maintenance option, you should choose this one. The warranty would be for one year.

My new guitar: a Seagull S6!

I recently invested in a new guitar, and after doing my research, I decided on the Seagull S6. While this instrument is marketed at beginners, in fact this acoustic model is much more suited to the intermediate player thanks to its impressive quality.

Seagull S6

Made by hand in Canada, the Seagull Guitars brand was first established in 1982 as part of a Godin Guitars sub-brand. Now, if you’ve spent any time looking for a quality acoustic guitar for beginners online, you will almost certainly have spotted the Seagull 6. While it isn’t as cheap as several other guitars for beginners, it really stands out from the crowd.

When you first take a look at the Seagull S6, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. It really doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, with a traditional design, no cutaway and no fancy inlays. So why is it special? Well, the answer is in its quality. While you may not see it, you can certainly hear it as soon as you start to play.

The materials chosen explain the high quality. Seagull opted for a solid pressure tested cedar top instead of the traditional spruce wood top which would normally be found on a beginner guitar. Its sides and back are also made from Canadian Wild Cherry which is again a fairly unique choice. Cedar has a very different tonal quality when compared to spruce and therefore, this guitar sounds very different to a standard beginner’s instrument.

The saddle and nut are also different. Seagull have used a GraphTech Compensated Tusq and this compensates on some strings in order to improve the guitar’s tone and playability. While you may not notice it immediately, once you change out the strings you will notice that the saddle actually grooves in a different direction on some of the strings, and although this is seen frequently on a high end instrument, it is rarely seen on a beginner’s instrument.

The S6 is also thicker around its neck than other beginner instruments. Check this out for recommended beginner guitars! The S6’s headstock is also smaller than many other guitars and this is to improve the tuning stability. The S6 also has an option to be used with electronics, however the acoustic version if cheaper. However if you opt for the acoustic-electric model, you will benefit from Seagull’s proprietary Quantum I design. The electronics includes treble, bass and volume controls for the transducer which is found in its saddle. It also has an on-board tuner as an extra bonus feature.

Don’t buy this guitar expecting a hand made, high end acoustic, as you will undoubtedly feel cheated, however if you want an extra guitar to add to your collection or require a beginner’s instrument, the S6 is a great choice. It produces an excellent sound which improves over time, and it has a smooth feel. Its looks may be fairly ordinary, however it still offers a host of benefits.

What Are Some Other Quality Acoustic Guitars?

Yamaha FG800

Yamaha FG800

The Yamaha FG800 is part of the FG series which has been legendary in the acoustic guitar market for half a century. This is an ideal guitar for a beginner and comes in at an affordable price. It also has some great features to improve its sound quality. It is available in three finishes – vintage tint, sand burst or the natural finish for elegant and simple classic appeal. It has a Sitka solid scallop braced spruce top, nato sides and back, a rosewood fretboard and slim nato neck all of which makes playing a wonderful experience. The bracing on its top gives plenty of resonance and bass depth, and overall this is a perfect choice.

Bristol by Blueridge BD16

This affordable acoustic guitar which you’ll learn more about from this page, is a great choice for beginners thanks to its excellent comfort and sound quality. With its steel strings, this versatile model has a classic body shape and sturdy sides and back made from mahogany. It also features a scalloped bracing spruce top for a full bodied and bright sound. Its mahogany neck is slim and boasts a fretboard made from rosewood with twenty frets. Its 14:1 chrome plated die cast machine heads ensure excellent tuning stability and the craftsmanship in this instrument is evident. Fast and fun to play, this guitar has excellent projection for your first riffs!

I believe in music as a therapy so what are you waiting for? Get a guitar for yourself and experience the beauty and benefits of playing guitar!

My tips for how to start giving private music lessons for income!

As an instrument teacher you will be responsible for teaching pupils how to play your chosen instrument, whether it be the piano, flute or guitar.  While this may sound simple, students are often forced into taking lessons by their parents and are therefore not keen to learn or practice. However, a good music teacher will endeavor to make learning their instrument an exciting and positive experience.

Where Does An Instrument Teacher Work?


An instrument teacher may work in several locations, such as the pupil’s home, their own house, in a music store, private studio or any other quiet location. While teaching, a teacher may either instruct several people at once in a group or give a one to one class. A lesson could be as short as half an hour or as long as an hour and often it will only be once a week. Pupils will range from complete beginners to advanced and experienced students and some may even teach professional musicians.

What Qualities Should A Music Teacher Have?

An instrument teacher must be dependable and reliable since their reputation relies on turning up on time and always sticking to schedules. Teachers must also be able to relate to their students well and be friendly and easy to get on with. Usually, a private instrument teacher will work alone, so they will be able to determine their own rate of pay and their own working hours. However those who work for a shop or studio will have to conform to the business’ policies on pay and scheduling.

What Salary Can A Music Teacher Expect?

As a self-employed music teacher you can expect to receive a fee of around $30 an hour, although it could be as high as $120 depending on the circumstances. If you are an expert in your field you can expect to receive more money. The best way to get more money is to encourage word of mouth from one satisfied student to another. Eventually, you may be able to charge more or be able to work with some prestigious clients.

What Kind Of Training Must An Instrument Teacher Have?

A music teacher must be able to play their instrument at a high enough level to be able to teach pupils a range of playing techniques, therefore they will already need to have studied and trained in their instrument themselves to a high standard. This may have been achieved either through private study or through professional music school training.

While instrument teachers have no union, they may join the AFM (American Federation of Musicians) as long as they also perform too. A private music teacher may also belong to the National Association of Schools of Music, the Music Educators National, Conference or the Music Teachers National Association Inc.

band playing with instruments

How To Get Started In A Career As A Music Teacher

To get your music teaching career off to a good start visit record, instrument and music shops close to where you live and talk about your credentials as well as the instruments that you can teach. Leave flyers and business cards in all of them and contact temples, synagogues and churches around your area to see if there are any positions open.

My tips for finding a good guitar teacher and becoming a great guitarist!

If you just bought your first guitar you’re probably looking for a guitar teacher so that you can start your lessons. However finding a good teacher can be quite tricky. You need to think about all kinds of different factors from organizing lessons around your work schedule to the ergonomics of stretching your fingers to the chord shapes. Here, we look at some tips for finding a teacher to suit you.

Word Of Mouth

men playing guitar

Ask your guitar playing friends if they have a teacher they can recommend. Alternatively, try looking for guitar teachers at your local university or community college. While a neighborhood music school probably offers lessons, most of their students will be children, so if you’d rather be taught in a more mature environment, you’d probably be better off looking elsewhere. There are some businesses who specialize in adult lessons and who will come to your workplace or home to teach you.

Syncing Schedules

Know in advance how often you intend to have a lessons and how long each lesson should last. If you can’t fit a 60 minute weekly lesson into your schedule, you could consider two 90 minute lessons a month instead. Alternatively, you may want lessons on a more casual basis. Discuss any requirements with your teacher but be aware your teacher will probably want some kind of regularity in their schedule. Also clarify policies regarding payments, refunds and cancellations. Check to see if you need to pay in advance or whether you will pay at each lesson.

Health Issues

If you have issues such as carpal tunnel, shoulder, back or joint pain, talk to your teacher about how you can cope with these conditions while learning. Are they knowledgeable about ergonomics and posture? Do they have ideas about useful exercises or equipment that could be used such as shoulder straps, footstools or guitar lifts that could help to alleviate pain?

Be Upfront About What You Want To Achieve

You probably know what you want to achieve from your lessons, so whether that be learning a particular style, specific pieces or public performance skills, tell your teacher upfront.

Teaching Style

A lot of guitar teachers are used to teaching children, so you may find that they tend to treat adults in much the same way. You need to assess this in advance and decide whether or not it’s something you can put up with.

Tips For Becoming A Great Guitarist

guitar and notebook

If you’re determined to become the best guitarist you can be, here are some tips to try.

  • Be inspired by your guitar heroes but avoid imitation. Feel free to take a concept from a favorite guitarist, but change it up a bit, perhaps applying your own fingering or picking style. Don’t confuse imitating with borrowing – it’s always better to be yourself.
  • Write your own music. Even if you never play it in public, composing will help you to develop your use of your instrument and your ear and will help you to make a host of musical decisions.

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